Engineering International Committee

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Engineering International Committee (EIC) of Engineering Faculty Universitas Negeri Semarang organizes annual conference in engineering field. Engineering International Conference provides a discussion forum for experts, government, industry, professors, teachers, students, and organizations or other key stakeholders who have a relationship with technology and vocational education.

Following the success of the five previous conferences, EIC conducts the 6th Engineering International Conference in 2017. Green technology which is environmentally friendly and vocational education will be the focus of the upcoming conference. This international conference can be a forum of scientific collaboration for stakeholders either in government or industry, a lecturer at the university level or middle school, and researchers to share knowledge about the engineering science and environmentally friendly technologies; new and renewable energy, engineering and applied new and renewable energy, mathematical modeling, networking, signal processing, artificial intelligence, fuzzy engineering, control and software engineering, intelligent electronic circuits and systems, communications, chemical, and mechanical engineering. Moreover, it is expected that the 6th Engineering International Conference could deliver a technology that has the potential to revolutionize decision-making in many areas of academia, industry, process and equipment design, medical, military applications, building design, information retrieval, and disaster recovery. Current issues in the world of vocational education will also be discussed in this forum.

We look forward to welcoming you all to Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia for the conference.

Best Regards,
Adhi Kusumastuti
Chief of EIC`17